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Welcome to Assuredly Ashore!

The purpose of this blog is to inspire those who feel paralyzed by fear, uncertainty, or are hesitant to step into their purpose. God gave me the idea for this blog back in the summer of 2018. During my morning devotions, while attending church, or while listening to online sermons, the word “assuredly” always stood out to me.

I believe this is because I have always searched for certainty and stability in this world. Whether it was in relationships, professionally, in friendships, or other situations, assurance in the possible outcome has always been vital to me. However, over time I encountered disappointments, which are inescapable in this life. With each one, I learned valuable lessons and that true assurance comes from God alone. The world is fickle and subject to an onslaught of unknowns, as we are currently experiencing now. The rampant virus, COVID-19, has turned the world on its head. The things that once provided us assurances are coming apart at the seams. People are steadily losing their jobs, experiencing stress and anxiety, losing loved ones, and experiencing strains in their marriages due to the impact the virus has caused. There is an entire generation of seniors and graduates who will not experience celebrations and events promised to them at the beginning of their journey. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As I stated earlier, God gave me the idea for this blog back in the summer of 2018. My great-aunt Ann (who was more like my grandmother) was still alive, and I was helping her get ready for the day. She loved gospel music, so I always played it for her in the mornings. While we were singing and humming along to Yolanda Adams’, “Open My Heart,” when Yolanda sang, “Guide me until I’m sure,” I inattentively sang, “Guide me until I’m ashore.” I immediately paused, and thought to myself, “Where did that come from? Those aren’t the words.” Immediately, a mental download began. I started thinking about the blog, the platform, the logo, and the eventual name, “Assuredly Ashore.”

As I mentioned before, I have always craved the safety of assurance. For the last few years, during college, law school, and everything in between, I felt like I was in a constant whirlwind. There were moments where the waves were steady and calm, and others where they were tumultuous. That day in my great-aunt Ann’s bedroom, I felt God assuring me that I was ashore. That as long as I kept Him first and stayed on the path set before me, that I would remain ashore. However, although I have kept Him first . . . I have not been obedient. Here it is April 2020, and I am just now releasing the blog. Fear of the unknown kept me from stepping out and trusting His assurance. I have made a promise to myself, that this will no longer be the case.

Assurance is defined as, “a positive declaration intended to give confidence; or certainty in one’s own abilities.” I am choosing to have confidence in my own voice, abilities, and dreams. I can no longer put my faith in assurance that comes from this world, but only in the assurance that comes from Him. There are so many exciting endeavors that I look forward to embarking on with this community, most of which begins with inspiring each other on our journey and becoming the version of ourselves we were predestined to become. Be assured, you are ashore.


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