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Be the Light

Before I begin this blog, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Resurrection Day! Although many of us are celebrating in an unconventional way this year, I hope everyone takes time to stream an Easter service and enjoy time with family. While, we are not physically at church in our Sunday’s best, it is important that we focus on the true meaning of today. The tomb was empty, and He is risen.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 NIV

I believe we can all agree that the year 2020, is not unfolding the way we expected. Last year, as December came to a close, we were all excited to enter this new decade. I recall seeing countless posts on Instagram and Facebook about people being ready to start this new chapter and pursue lifelong dreams and goals. I know that each New Year seems to impose the same thing, however there appeared to be something different about entering 2020. People seemed ready to embark on this new, uncharted territory with vigor and tenacity. We were ready to let our lights shine bright in this new decade. There were vision board parties and watch night services dedicated to empowering us to walk boldly into this year by shining our lights and doing good works. However, we have been met with what some may describe as an insurmountable darkness.

At the beginning of the year, my best friends and I had tons of exciting new things on the horizon. One of them had just gotten married, another had just welcomed her first child, another was selected to start a highly competitive internship for the summer, and another was about to graduate from medical school and start her first year of residency. Personally, I had just received a promotion and was slated to start in my new position in January. In addition to the legal side, I was one of few selected to participate in a winter film intensive program with a production company here in Atlanta. We felt unstoppable, like this year would be perfect. It was not hard to let our lights shine. We were practically glowing everywhere we went talking about how blessed we are, and thanking God every step of the way.

However, the true test of letting your light shine is not when things are going well, but when true darkness sets in. Suddenly, that burst of light that seemed to illuminate us began to dim. How can you be a light when the government demands that you stay in isolation?

As Christians, we are called by God to be a light that shines before others. Even though we are going through this trying time, we should aim to be lights. This may call for some of us to go back to the basics. We may have to actually pick up the phone and call someone, send a care package, write a letter, send a card, or actually pray sincerely for someone every day. We no longer have the excuse of being too busy, or having to go here or there. We have nothing but time to be lights. There are so many people on the front lines, fighting this pandemic and they need our lights to push back the darkness. I have heard countless times on the news and commercials that we can be heroes by staying home. We can also be heroes by being lights. This is our job as Christians, and when we let our lights shine we unknowingly inspire others and introduce them to Jesus.

Whether it is to medical workers, restaurant owners, neighbors, family, or friends, I challenge everyone to be a light to at least three people this week. I’m calling it the #BetheLightChallenge. I believe that despite what is going on around us, it is our jobs as Christians to be a light to those who are suffering in the darkness. Being a light can take place in countless forms.

While you are at home, be the light we need to combat the darkness.


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